Ink of Inkjet printer


It is necessary to acquire enough professional knowledge for new people entering the digital inkjet printer industry.

Ink of Inkjet printer

It is necessary to acquire enough professional knowledge for new people entering the digital inkjet printer industry

1、Water-based ink

 Generally used in the inkjet printer, of course, many UV roll to roll printers are also use water-based ink;The main characteristics of water-based ink is low cost, no pollution, bright colors, because of its main component has slow volatile , difficult to dry and absorbed by a special material, so is mainly used in the paper, and various fiber class for substrate or coated material.Usually water-based ink are mainly used in indoor printing because of poor weather resistance.Solvent - based ink is used in outdoor applications.   

1、Oily ink(solvent or eco-solvent)

The main components of oily ink are the organic solvent, and generally adopt the lipid and ketone.In the process of combining with the media, the medium is first dissolved, and then fused, the colorant and the substrate in the ink are closely combined, so the solvent type ink does not require the media to be coated;And the volatile speed is fast,  can meet the need of high-speed printing.But the biggest problem with solvent ink is environmental protection, because the amount of volatile organic compounds in the ink is high and will definitely be subject to many restrictions in the long run.

Compared with solvent ink, the biggest change of eco-solvent ink is friendly to the environment, mainly reflected in the less VOC and no longer use a lot of poisonous and harmful organic solvent, in the eco-solvent printer machine production workshop ventilation device is no longer necessary.However, we can see that the main components of eco-solvent ink are still organic solvents. In objective terms, eco-solvent ink is a branch of solvent ink and is a more environmentally friendly version.Now a large number of applications are applied to kinds of  machines, which belong to the equipment indispensable for UV printer.Replacing poisonous ink is the inevitable trend in the future.



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