A few professional inspection standards for ink


The main components of ink used by printer are: solvent, organic pigment, dispersant, resin etc

A few professional inspection standards for ink

The main components of ink used by printer are: solvent, organic pigment, dispersant, resin etc


SolventIt's the carrier of the paint, which evaporates after printing

Organic pigment:And that is what we see with sorts colors in the end.

Dispersant:A component that distributes pigment uniformly in solvents

Resin:Ensure that organic pigment is not precipitated in solvent.The printing medium also contains resin, which can be combined with ink.Good ink and printing medium resin content will be higher, quality will be better.


The different ink is just the different formula of the ink manufacturers, but the standard for the test of ink is fixed

1、Particle sizepaint is composed of a number of primitive particles, they are generally less than or equal to 0.2um , some even less than 0.1um, good ink must be have a good original particle size of pigment.

2、Viscosity:Viscosity measurement is generally measured in 25 environment, viscosity of cp, viscosity stability can guarantee the quality of ink;At one point, generally,the temperature improve 1 degree ,the viscosity of the ink was reduced by 0.2 cp.Ink factory test if expired, is under the same temperature test whether ink viscosity changes, different season of ink, manufacturers use different formula different , viscosity values are different, too.

3、Surface tension:If a thin sheet of paper can hold up a certain amount of water, because atmospheric pressure work on the paper, the upward force is generated.The holes do not leak out because of the tension on the surface of the water. The water on the surface of the paper forms a thin film of water so that the water does not leak out.It is like an umbrella made of cloth. Although there are many holes in it, it will not leak

4、Speed of Volatile:With high volatility, the printing head will dry faster.

If the speed of volatile is low, the printing head will be dry slower.

The above four factors determine the smoothness of ink printing and its weatherability, the color of printing and the service life.

The maximum weather-resistance level of ink is level 8, which is about two years.Ordinary ink does not reach this level


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