XenonsX180UV HybridUV板卷一体机(1.8m)

X180, 1.8m Rioch GEN5 UV hybrid offers both flatbed and roll-fed printing in a single device. Printing CMYK and White inks on virtually any substrate up to a 30mm thick, the X180 is capable of producing a massive range of large-format graphics.

Production:25 sqm/h Resolution:2400dpi
Ink Type:uv curable Print Width:1800mm
Colors:CMYKLcLmWW DropSize:7PL

XenonsM180UV HybridUV板卷一体机(1.8m)

The most affordable Hybrid UV Printer with White Ink. Ultralized the Toshiba print head technology prints as small as 5pl with a speed delivery over 28 sqm/h. Conveyor belt with a vacuum table, plus a front and back side extension table, Xenons M180 Hybrid printer prints 1.8m wider rigid and roll media at unlimited length. Extend your business with a more flexible printer.

Production:25 sqm/h Resolution:2400DPI
Ink Type:UV Ink Print Width:1800mm
Colors:CMYKWW DropSize:5PL


New upgrade USB3.0 Eco-Solvent printer Optical Fiber Data Transmits System Hi-Speed USB 3.0 Customized Print head Configuration for mirrored CMYK 1440dpi max. Resolution 1600/1800mm printing width with dual printheads

Production:34sqm/h Resolution:2880dpi Max.
Ink Type:Eco Solvent / Water Base/Dye Sublimation Print Width:1600/1800mm in one roll
Colors:Standard CMYK; Others Configuration Optional DropSize:2.5pl

XenonsR2000UV HybridUV板卷一体机(2.0m)

European Standard 2.1m Hybrid LED UV Printer With White & Varnish Ink Option. Yilijet Hybrid R2000 is designed with Ricoh GEN5 technology print, produce various substrates with a lower ink cost. The multi -function of hybrid print 2.1m wider rigid and roll media at unlimited length. Extend your business capabilities.

Production:56 sqm/h Resolution:2400DPI
Ink Type:LED UV Curable Print Width:2100mm
Colors:Standard CMYK; Lc Lm/white /Clear ink optional DropSize:7PL

XenonsM2000UV HybridUV板卷一体机(2.0m)

Roll + Rigid = Flexibility With unlimited applications, M2000 provides an optimal solution to a variety of printing needs with 2m printing width. From acrylic board, aluminum composite board, corrugated cardboard, pasteboard, PVC, synthetic paper to PET, print on the broadest range of substrates with just one single printer. M2000 employing UV LED curing technology offers highest productivity and expands your business opportunities.

Production:40 sqm/h Resolution:2400DPI
Ink Type:UV Ink Print Width:2100mm in one roll or one sheet


New 2.2m Multi-Function Roll to Roll Printer White Ink Supported. It is with Toshiba head VSDT technology as small as 5pl and white ink delivers added-value print. The three-layer printing enables the creation of transparent media that are beautiful from any angle. New feeding and take up system with air shifting roller and tension bar can fit t big and heavy media and ensure a stable stepping.

Production:25 sqm/h Resolution:2400DPI
Ink Type:Eco Solvent / UV Ink Print Width:2200mm
Colors:CMYKLcLm/WW DropSize:5PL


X5plus, 3.2m Ricoh Gen5 UV roll to roll, you can easily create vibrant prototypes and short runs on a variety of actual press substrates, in one seamless workflow. Decor wallpaper, Ad banners, Flexible bag media, Labels. Clear film. CMYK, White, Varnish, Emboss, Crease. All with a single device.

Production:82 sqm/h Resolution:2400DPI
Ink Type:UV Ink Print Width:3200mm
Colors:CMYKLc Lm/WW DropSize:7PL


The totally new M6 grand-format LED–UV inkjet printer is a high-performance printer developed using XENONS' inkjet technologies to provide good quality printing with a maximum printable width of 3.2 m.

Production:100sqm/h Resolution:2400DPI
Ink Type:UV Ink Print Width:3200mm
Colors:CMYKLC LMWW/VV DropSize:5PL


M5UV soft film printer is a UV machine designed for UV soft film printing,its max printing width is 3.2m,suitable for large format outdoor advertising,max speed 52㎡/h 4pass,printing resolution 3600dpi,constant-tension feeding and take up system make sure the output high efficiency and high resolution,it is the choice of advertising industry.

Production:35 Resolution:2400DPI
Ink Type:UV Ink Print Width:3200mm
Colors:CMYK DropSize:5PL

XenonsR180E HybridUV板卷一体机(1.8m)

Entry level classic uv hybrid with 2*DX5 print head. 1.8m hybrid printer with white ink option. The multi-function of R180 extend your business capabilities with one affordable investment.

Production:20sqm/h Resolution:2800DPI
Ink Type:UV Ink/Eco Solvent Ink Print Width:1800
Colors:CMYK+White DropSize:2.5PL

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