M180UV Hybrid

The most affordable Hybrid UV Printer with White Ink. Ultralized the Toshiba print head technology prints as small as 5pl with a speed delivery over 28 sqm/h. Conveyor belt with a vacuum table, plus a front and back side extension table, Xenons M180 Hybrid printer prints 1.8m wider rigid and roll media at unlimited length. Extend your business with a more flexible printer.


The XENONS M180 is a new style of hybrid printer.

Adopts the vacuum adsorption system controls the whole printing platform, keep the medium level, to ensure that the true "edge to edge" print, using 1.25 G high-speed fiber optic two-way communication, to ensure a stable high speed data signal transmission, ensure stable and high quality image data transmission.

It is more convenient to use media lever extension for board printing.

The standard and constant tension system ensures that the material is smooth and accurate in the printing process

The machine girder with double thickness of high strength aluminum magnesium alloy is used, which has higher strength and higher precision

It is equipped with multi-function auxiliary platform for board printing



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