M5UV soft film printer is a UV machine designed for UV soft film printing,its max printing width is 3.2m,suitable for large format outdoor advertising,max speed 52㎡/h 4pass,printing resolution 3600dpi,constant-tension feeding and take up system make sure the output high efficiency and high resolution,it is the choice of advertising industry.


XENONS M5-UV,the machine appearance designed by excellent domestic industrial designing team,adopt modern industrial design and mainstream colour matching,show xenons excellent aesthetic.

Use 1.25G high-speed optical fiber two-way communication,to ensure a stable&high speed data signal transmission,guarantee the stability&high quality image data transmission.

Specialized mold manufacturing process,make sure the printer and parts are with better consistence and higher stability.

Multiaxis coordinated feeding system,multiple rolls work together,to avoid feeding error and easy to joint between pictures

The capacity and flexibility of towline improved,service life extended.

Latest multi-touch mode adopts 20mm diameter feeding roller and combined with high precision mold production to ensure multi material feeding precision and stability.



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