Available in 1600mm and 1880mm models; Cost-effective INK in CMYK; Lift capping station; Epson print heads for outstanding image quality and color results; High speed USB 3.0 connection; Productivity – up to 210 sft/h.


XENONS X2 series printer equipped with large capacity bulk ink supply system, can keep long time printing, which is more convenient, also the ink liquid level observation.

Using adjustable one-piece infrared air-drying system, regardless of eco-solvent ink or water-based ink, it can adjust heating temperature depending on the environment temperature and material conditions.

Using the motor power feeding and take-up system, the feeding material is more stable and the take-up is more accurate.

Add highlight printing panel led lamp belt, can preview the printing effect.

With VSDT variable ink droplet technology, the minimum ink drop is 2.5 PL, the maximum 27PL, achieve perfect printing quality.

Support Maintop, photoprint, Wasatch and other RIP software;

The combination of advanced ink droplet control and eclosion technology, ensures that the output quality is more perfect and can be used to print more special materials.

It can be used to adjust the color sequence in one printing head, to meet the quality defect of the old head or spot color output, thus extending the actual service life of the printing head.

The new multi-point contact method, adopts diameter of 20mm paper roller, which combines high precision mold produced to ensure the accuracy and stability of various materials.




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