X180UV Hybrid

X180, 1.8m Rioch GEN5 UV hybrid offers both flatbed and roll-fed printing in a single device. Printing CMYK and White inks on virtually any substrate up to a 30mm thick, the X180 is capable of producing a massive range of large-format graphics.


Professional solutions make bright color expression.

White Ink Recycle patent enables stable printing white color.

LED uv curing with tiny temperature variation ensures high printing quality.

Combined belt & flatbed media feeding system is competent to print both roll and flat media.

The standard and constant tension system ensures that the material is smooth and accurate in the printing process.

Adopts the vacuum adsorption system controls the whole printing platform, keep the medium level, to ensure that the true "edge to edge" print, using 1.25 G high-speed fiber optic two-way communication, to ensure a stable high speed data signal transmission, ensure stable and high quality image data transmission.

Folding tables saves space and cost as well.


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