X4-7408 Textile Printer Upgraded version, 4 head(DX5113), unexpected speed, 5pl minimum ink drop,Color your life!


Xenons X4-7408 printer,Max.printing resolution 2880DPI,Max.printing width 1.88m.

2pass 98㎡/h high speed printing

Adopt complete, high quality, high - precision steel structure as the printer body.

The accuracy of the platform can be up to 0.05 mm, ensuring that the machine has perfect printing quality and high speed

Imported THK guide rail, high precision, low noise, low wear, ensure the stability of printing;

Stable and reliable brushless servo motor, the precision is higher, smoother, more fluid, the drawing precision is high, the stepping is accurate;Automatic lifting ink stack, the cleaning effect is better and more stable

Large capacity bulk system ,ensure the machine working stable and continues.

Highlight print panel LED lamp belt, can help you washing and preview printing effect

Adjustable one-piece infrared heating system, which work automatically when the machine is printing

X4-7408 sublimation printer for various printing products,

The perfect combination of science and human design is a feast of senses and vision.



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