New 2.2m Multi-Function Roll to Roll Printer White Ink Supported. It is with Toshiba head VSDT technology as small as 5pl and white ink delivers added-value print. The three-layer printing enables the creation of transparent media that are beautiful from any angle. New feeding and take up system with air shifting roller and tension bar can fit t big and heavy media and ensure a stable stepping.


M3 PLUS roll to roll printer is robust industrial design. It keeps the machine steady, stable and no shifting during printing and ensure a higher quality printing.

The printer with a well designed ink supply system. There is a sensor to detect the ink level, if lower than their level, system will alarm to remind you to add ink to ink tank.

Adopts 1.25G/s data processing capacity, more than enough any resolution image prints. The fiber optic system also has an anti-interference ability, which can make sure the stability during high speed output.

Negative pressure system, independent cleaning system and printing information preview functions.



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