X5plus, 3.2m Ricoh Gen5 UV roll to roll, you can easily create vibrant prototypes and short runs on a variety of actual press substrates, in one seamless workflow. Decor wallpaper, Ad banners, Flexible bag media, Labels. Clear film. CMYK, White, Varnish, Emboss, Crease. All with a single device.


Industrial-grade Ricoh GEN5 Printhead

To ensure rich, consistent color at high speed and high resolution, X5plus features the latest industrial level Ricoh printhead that delivers rich, vibrant, consistent colors during bi-directional printing. It is designed with longevity and robustness in mind and widely used in many latest industrial inkjet printers.

Layered / Emboss Effect

This has the impressive affect of highlighting and drawing attention to that part of the design. Not only that, the varnish coating adds shining effect to the prints.

CMYK + W + Clear Coat Ink (Varnish)

The X5plus prints flawless graphics and text with vibrant UV inks including CMYK, White and Clear Coat for remarkable special effects ranging from gloss or matte finishes to custom textures and simulated embossing.

Energy-saving UV-LED light curving system

The X5plus uv roll to roll printer is equipped with the high quality UV-LED with all advanced features, long lifespan, low heat, instant on-off.

Ink Alarm System

The bulk and waste ink tank are installed with level sensors to alarm ink refill and overflow signal.

Negative Pressure Ink Supply System

The negative pressure ink system ensures high stability of ink supply. Operator can easily monitor the system and control negative pressure. The system adjusts the ink pressure automatically, no manually operation is needed. Air pump works only when the air pressure is needed, offers stable air pressure.

Integrated Tri-Heater System

The X5plus integrate the tri-heater system, so that the media becomes more uniform and the ink dries faster. Moreover, the heat controllers have been integrated in one panel to simplify user operation.



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