CF-9700 T-Shirt Printer

CF-9700 DTG T-SHIRT PRINTER Max ink supply up to 5L for single color; The ink supply system adopts unique external closed-loop circulation system, ensure smooth and stable ink flow for all colors; Nozzle checking system as optional, ensure the continuous production with good performance; Optional visual positioning system, this system can complete match the dark garments or cutting piece with traditional screen printing and digital printing; Equipped with prompt tips function for single color ink fast consumption; Equipped with waste ink alarming system; Continuous repeat function exclude from the RIP;


It adopts high-resolution industrial printhead, variable ink drop size 2.5PL to 30PL.

Support CMYK and CMYK+LCLM+ORBL,a variety color options;

Available to print on cotton,silk,flax,wool,nylon,polyester,blended fabrics etc;

High-quality directly to garment printing, no need sizing,steaming,soaping, stereotypes and other complex processes,no waste water

USB3.0+1.25G high-speed fiber bi-directional communication to ensure stable and high-speed data transmission;

Support water based pigment, reactive and disperse inks;

Printing area up to 700*900mm.

A variety of platen size available to replace including 400*500mm;700*900mm

Maximum production capacity 120pcs/hr

Suppor different types of applications,compatible garment and cutting piece


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