Advanced Media System for long unattended print runs Integrated tri-heater System plus extended infrared auto-drying and cooling System for fast drying Integrated Auto-Print head Maintenance System for ease operation Customized Print head Configuration for mirrored CMYKKYMC or others for higher quality 2400dpi max. Resolution 98sqm/h max. speed Optical Fiber Data Transmits System Plus USB 3.0 high speed interface offer a stable and faster prints


Automatic Print head Maintenance System

The station was designed and assembled with high precision and selected parts. It can automatically process print head capping, ink suction, and head wiping, Ensure an easy maintenance and durable printing.

Anti-crash system

Better safe than sorry, this anti-crash system protect heads from damage by wrong operation.

Large capacity bulk system

New 1 Liter bulk system save you more time and ensure continues printing.

Easy to access any PCBs and maintenance section

Every maintenance section has an easy door to access.

Customized color sequence

Normally the color sequence was set in factory, while this printer support a customized adjustment for that.

Individual head cleaning system

In this printer, you can clean any of the two heads separately by click the button on GUI.

Preview of the printing job

The GUI support a preview for the printing task, including all the printing information.

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