Company to inkjet control system research and development as the core, integrated system equipment for the development goals, the average annual market to the introduction of two to three new products and applications. At present, the main products are pictorial machine, inkjet machine, UV volume on the volume, cutting one machine, coil one machine nearly 10 kinds of models, the product is mainly used in advertising graphic and logo production, industrial sheet metal printing, digital textile Printing, architectural decoration printing, leather printing and other fields.

     Company to customer-oriented, that customers provide cutting-edge application of technical solutions for the original responsibility, that customers create value as the goal, over the years, with domestic and foreign merchants to establish a good relationship of cooperation, and customers have made a common development. Today's Ruinuo Si factory, flourishing, the development momentum year after year strong, year after year fire. Wuhan billion of Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. will always be with a grateful heart, Thanksgiving society, thanks to our partners, thanks to our tens of thousands of users around the world! The

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