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Yips easy cloud OS cluster printing software

Easy Cloud OS cluster printing software
Yips easy cloud OS cluster printing, large-scale job flexible batch printing system
Yilicloud Digital printing operation system

Yips cluster printing system
       The concept of cluster printing was first implemented on desktop printers, mainly for large quantities of documents, allowing multiple printers to print together, reducing the printing time of documents and reducing manual management costs; solving the earliest book Or the problem of batch printing of large quantities of documents; this technology has been very mature on desktop file printers, but it is the first time in large-format inkjet printing applications such as photo machines and UV printers!
       Even now, basically all advertising companies, clothing printing factories, decoration companies, etc. are still using desktop printing to input tasks manually, requiring many people to collaborate at the same time, and they have to work overtime all night. Do it. Even if you use the latest digital printing equipment, you still need to work overtime all night, which is very labor-intensive and costly.
       For example, advertising companies usually receive large and urgent orders in batches with fixed specifications, different content, and different quantities of printing work. This batch of tasks is generally very urgent in delivery time and usually requires a lot of people to work together. To operate the printer, a group of people are responsible for dismantling and cutting and making finished products. In the process of operating the machine, someone is often required to make special work patterns, and then send them to the operator one input machine to print, because the work task is relatively heavy, so the operation There will also be a lot of personnel. It is difficult to uniformly manage the quantity and progress of printing tasks and the quality and color of the drawings. Because of the problems of multiple people operating equipment and different software RIP and printing, it is easy to cause high labor costs and color differences in the finished product. , High scrap rate and other issues. The factory has no way to solve it. It can only open one eye and close one eye.

       The printing technology of Yili Easy Cloud Cluster Printing Solution (YIPS) integrates computer, network and distribution technology. It combines multiple wide-format printers (photographs/UV printers) of the same type or different specifications into a virtual ultra-high-speed printer , The printing speed is up to 2000㎡/h or higher, and the printing speed depends on the speed of a single wide-format printing device. The cluster printing system can manage multiple Runos high-speed inkjet printers at the same time, and supports network remote management, real-time monitoring of printer status (yiliCCS Centor Control System), and automatic distribution of print jobs to ensure that each printer prints at the highest speed; and provide Corresponding sound and text alarm, as well as the management kanban interface (DP-MES (Digital printing System). It has extremely high fault tolerance. If a printer reports an error, the print job can be automatically or on demand after the specified dead time is exceeded. Transfer to other printers, after the error is eliminated, the system can also automatically redistribute new jobs to the print (YiliCPS Cluster Printing System)

Customers benefit this system has the following characteristics:
   1. Flexible combination: It can manage 2-10 printers, so that the printing speed can reach 100-2000㎡/h, and the monthly printing volume can reach 100,000-500,000 square meters; users can use it according to their own business conditions.
   2. Easy to expand: users can gradually expand printing capabilities according to business development, fully saving work costs
3. Safe and reliable: Several printers are clustered and backup print jobs at the same time. If one or even a few of the machines have a problem, it will not stop the printing work and affect the work progress.
4. High cost performance: Take the most well-known photo machine as an example: according to 5 ordinary single-head photo machines, the printing speed is 20 square meters/h each, after clustering, the printing speed is 100 square meters/h, the purchase price of domestic photo machines It is about 100,000, but if it is a photo machine of 100 square meters/h, the price is sky-high, and the investment cost is far lower than any photo machine with the same printing speed, and the accuracy of the drawing can be guaranteed to reach the highest value.
5. Easy to use: The cluster printing function makes multiple printers as easy to use as the same machine, without having to consider specific print job distribution issues, greatly reducing labor costs.
6. Flexible application: Yips cluster printing system can be installed on computers, tablets and notebooks based on Windows platform. Users only need to input the prepared pictures into the software and then arrange the printing directly. The operators are far away for several times. The same does not affect the work, you can watch the live printing anytime and anywhere.
       In the busy work tasks of large factories, it is a trend of the times to adopt the cluster printing system. After all, it can make management easier, save a lot of labor costs and increase work efficiency.
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